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Employee incentives are an important tool, not only to make the HR department’s job easier, but also as a strategy to maintain the support and loyalty of your employees. Depending on which incentives you use and how they are implemented, they can be quite effective in motivating and driving employee productivity, leading to the overall success of your company. At J.M. Field Marketing, we have an array of incentive items that we offer in addition to our fulfillment services, that will help motivate employees to perform at their highest potential.

Company Gifts as Employee Incentives

Company gifts are some of the simplest rewards that can be a part of your employee incentives list. They can come in the form of company-issued plaques, jackets, shirts, pins and hats. These gifts can be issued only to employees that have reached a certain level of performance or given to supplement other rewards. We at J.M. Field Marketing can provide all of the items mentioned above and much more from our Fort Lauderdale warehouse. We can customize all items to have your company logo so that you not only reward your employees for their outstanding performance but promote your company as well.

Gift Certificates as Employee Incentives

Gift certificates make wonderful rewards for high-performing employees. They don’t require a high monetized value as long as they offer access to special items such as a fancy restaurant dinner, a shopping spree at a favorite store, a big discount at a specialty shop or a tutorial lesson. Sometimes, all it takes is a small reward to show your employees that you appreciate them. Not only can you use J.M. Field’s Fort Lauderdale warehouse for traditional fulfillment services, but we will provide with you incentives to motivate your employees and increase productivity! Call us today to find out more! 844-523-1957

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