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J.M. Field Marketing is your complete, one-stop fulfillment Fort Lauderdale warehouse. We provide more than one warehouse in Florida to ensure that your company can offer their best service at all times. We know that choosing the right warehouse for fulfillment services can be a difficult task. You have to consider the turnaround time, customer service, returns management procedure, as well as pricing. In addition, you should consider the order volume handled, the types of goods and the location of the warehouse. Our warehouse in Fort Lauderdale, Florida provides a great location for fulfillment services. We are near major airports and shipping hubs like Port Everglades and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Whether you’re a small business that’s expanding, or a large corporate company, we have the space to store and maintain all your products in our Fort Lauderdale warehouse. You must select a fulfillment services company that can meet all of your daily logistic management needs. If your fulfillment needs vary from week to week, our trained agents are experienced at handling changing orders. In addition to maintaining and ordering your inventory, our professional team of fulfillment managers will quickly pick, pack, label and ship your products within minutes. We also have order fulfillment warehouses located all over the country and our main fulfillment center is in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Warehouse Fulfillment Services in a Prime Location

It is important to select a fulfillment warehouse that is close to your clients. This is vital because of shipping costs. If the warehouse you choose is closer to your clients, it cuts shipping costs and stretches your company’s budget for fulfillment services. Location can also affect your turn around time. The closer the warehouse is to your clients, the better your turn around time will be. Inventory fulfillment has its own regulations in regards to order processing, even with prime location. Our excellent warehouse location in Fort Lauderdale affords your company access to major ports and shipping hubs so it keeps costs low.

Secured Storage in our Fort Lauderdale Warehouse

One of the best factors about outsourcing your order fulfillment is that your inventory and products are stored securely off-site. This allows you, the small business owner, to store a surplus of your company’s inventory. J.M. Field Marketing has years of experience with warehouse fulfillment services. We have a robust inventory management system that organizes, receives and tracks your inventory. When our Fort Lauderdale delivery center receives the shipping request, the items are packaged and shipped to the customer in minutes. The time that you normally spend packaging orders, tracking inventory, and dealing with returns can be used now to grow your business. This time is essential because it can be spent developing and fine tuning your expanding business. By allowing J.M. Field Marketing to fulfill all your fulfillment needs, you can increase your employees’ productivity.

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